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Carbon Fibre Skinning Service
Hartlepool, Teesside

Carbon fibre is a stylish looking product that can transform the look of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Our carbon fibre skinning service can take your parts and equipment and make it into something altogether much sleeker and more polished. We can wrap items ranging from car and motorbike parts to games consoles, monitors, laptops, radios, pretty much any household item you can think of!

What is carbon fibre skinning?

When we 'skin' your equipment with carbon fibre what we are doing is applying a coat on top of your part with carbon fibre and epoxy resin. As all parts are different shapes and sizes, we create a carbon fibre 'skin' that will be stuck permanently to the original part but with a stylish, glossy appearance.

To get the skinned part to a smooth, glossy finish we need to complete the whole process by hand on every part produced. Because of this, the price of skinning your equipment will vary depending on the size and shape of what you need doing. However, if you send us pictures of the parts we can give you a quote.

What is the carbon fibre skinning process?

Your parts are first of all cleaned and scuffed, and then a coat is applied to them in a thin layer of special black resin which hides the colour of the original part so that it cannot be seen through the carbon fibre weaves. We use genuine 2/2 twill carbon fibre fabric and stick this to the black resin whilst it is still slightly sticky and then layers of see-through clear resin are built up over the carbon fibre.

Once the carbon fibre layers have cured and dried, we rub the part flat and smooth it out using a selection of wet-and-dry abrasive papers and then we 2k lacquer the whole part before a final flatten back then a quality polish is applied to give that smooth and stylish glossy look and protect the surface from wear and UV rays.

I'm interested in getting my part skinned, what's next?

First of all get in touch with us. You can contact us via Facebook or Twitter or you can also text/phone us on 07972 109770. We can then discuss your requirements and come up with a quote for what it would cost to apply a carbon fibre skin to your parts.

If you're happy with the quote, you can either pop into our office (we are based in Hartlepool) or if you live further away you can post/courier your items to us. We'll let you know a timescale for completing the work, and once complete we can send you pictures of the completed items and send them back out to you.

We'll work with any parts of all shapes and sizes so no matter how small or large if you have something that you want skinning, we are the people to do it for you!

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Carbon Fibre Gallery

We can skin any of your interior and exterior items to give a stylish and glossy carbon fibre look to them, here's some examples of the type of work we can do for you:


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